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About us

Seimeido Wado Ryu Karate Jutsu strives to achieve the highest standards of martial excellence for all its students. We are committed to the furtherance of the art of Karate in a traditional manner as taught by Otsuka Sensei and to the progression and development of the art, in accordance with the principal of Shi Ha Ri Ku. We first opened our doors on the 1st of May 2008 at Staffordshire martial arts centre of excellence in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

Karate is a truly dynamic art. Lessons are taught in a friendly, proactive environment where anyone is welcome to learn and achieve their full potential. Whether students are complete beginners or experienced practitioners from other martial arts, our syllabus is extensive enough to provide endless levels of learning. We recognise that every student is individual and we make it our primary objective to instruct each individual at their own pace so that each student fully understands what they learn. With all our students we encourage the of growth of self confidence, development of core strength with technical ability, and actively promote healthy lifestyles to improve the fitness and well being of all our members.

The club has two motto’s, “Flowing Water will never become stagnant”, and Shuushin no Iwai, which means Live your life. All people should never waste the opportunity to be part of something as amazing as martial arts. The positive impact it has on millions of lives throughout the globe is undeniable; giving people not only fitness and confidence but knowledge which has been passed from teacher to student for hundreds of years as well as peace of mind, and satisfaction that they are learning practical and highly effective self defence and continuing the legacy of their teachers.

Seimeido is proud to be part of Staffordshire Martial Arts centre of Excellence in Rugeley. The facilities it hosts include a fully traditional Japanese dojo which is complete with a fully matted floor, Kamizar, specialised martial training equipment, striking pads and makiwara. The Centre is air-conditioned, with separate male and female changing rooms, toilets, a kitchen area, viewing room for parents and guests alike as well as an on site car park.

In addition to this we have a full child protection policy and two resident officers to ensure that welfare is always of paramount importance to us. Sensei is also qualified in first aid and also certificated in safeguarding and protecting children supported by UK sports coach and NSPCC. In addition to promote the advancement and encouragement of children to participate in martial arts such as Karate we also have a uniquely developed children’s syllabus for Mon grades so that they can learn and progress in their own way, helping them to one day become the instructors of the future.

Seimeido also has an active role in the community besides teaching local children and adult’s alike, we have taught for local sports colleges, represent the local area for EML’s Anti-Bullying awareness scheme as a martial arts school and have organised special events to raise money for charity such as Cancer research UK. We have also hosted several ladies self-awareness courses to help highlight the dangers and risks that women can potentially face in today’s society, how to avoid dangerous situations and not to become a victim.

The Lineage and Genealogy of the club is something we are particularly proud. We have direct links back to the some of the last Samurai as well as the founder of Wado Ryu karate, Hironori Ohtsuka. It is the responsibility of sensei and each and every student to proudly carry on this knowledge, keeping the legacies of our teachers alive. It is at this point Sensei wishes to thank all of his teachers for everything they have given him, your guidance, inspiration and knowledge is a gift I will always cherish, thank you. Above all else we are proud that we can teach Karate in a way more than just a club, we are a family where each and every student can learn and grow together, and we warmly welcome anyone else to join our family. For more information please visit our contact page and feel free to come and watch any lesson. Here is the testimonial of one of our adult students:

“Trust me, Danny is one of the best guys to teach you out there been learning since the start of this year with him and it’s nothing like I’ve done before...went to Keele Jiu Jitsu, an MMA club and BJJ club back home and none of them compare to what Danny actually teaches...he mixes them all together to make what he does the real deal of Martial arts.” Usama Rafique.