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Fighting for Charity

On the 13th of December Students from Keele University as part of our Goshin Jutsu Class, and Students from Keele Ninjitsu, West Midlands Shotokan Federation and Students from Shin Gi Tai Aikijujutsu came together for raise money for Cancer Research UK. The Students were first taught by Mike Judd Sensei and Leigh Simms teaching Karate, Followed by excellent instruction from the head of our own association Keith Morgan, Shihan in Aikijujutsu; then followed up by an introduction of Ninjitsu by Alex Bolt, Sensei. The Event was hosted and organised by our own Daniel Pyatt Sensei and was a fantastic day by all involved.

The final total was £120 raised for Cancer research and donated in memory of Billy Doak, Sensei who will be missed as an inspiration and mentor to all who had the privilege of learning from him. I would like to thank each of the teachers for making the day enjoyable and more importantly the students for supporting your clubs and helping us raise money for a vital cause.

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