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Seminar Report

On the 18th of July Seimeido was the proud host of its’ annual anniversary seminar. The day was attended by students from Seimeido and our friends from Midlands Shotokan Karate Federation, with guest instructor Leigh Simms. The day was started with a various Bunkai applications from Simms sensei followed by a selection of various techniques from Pyatt Sensei.

Next Simms sensei continued with further applications focusing more on locks in Kata as opposed to strikes. This was followed by a short lunch break with Pyatt sensei continuing with some more advanced Renraku waza before changing to newaza, ground fighting. First students were taught the history or ground fighting and it’s relevance to martial arts. Student then learnt the basic positions and holds for movement on the ground. Simms sensei spent his final session looking at some pad work and traditional Shotokan takedowns. The final session of the day again taken by Pyatt sensei focused on various techniques from the ground including counters and counter-counters.

Seimeido was thrilled to have so many friends come to celebrate our anniversary with us and a great day was had by all. Pyatt Sensei would like to thank all the students from both clubs for attending for making the day as fantastic as it was. Everyone was a true credit to themselves and their teachers, also he would like to thank Leigh Simms sensei for his contribution to the day, as always it is most appreciated.

Please feel free to browse many of our photos in our media gallery or to see a video from the day please visit our seminar page.

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