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Sensei trains in Belgium

Pyatt Sensei went on a little 700 mile trip last week, a trip to a strange world where they all drive on the wrong side of the road.

From the 29th of August to the 3rd of September Sensei was resident at the Hombu dojo of Jhonny Bernaschewice, Shihan. Training focused primarily on Okinawan Kobudo, Iaido and Aiki Jutsu. This including training with the Katana, Jo, Bo, Tunqua and Sai. Training was everyday for about 6 hours and so a lot was covered including some more entertaining topics such as tamashigiri (sword cutting) and Sai throwing.

Also at the dojo sensei was joined with other students of Bernaschewice Shihan from around Europe and the group from Lausanne, Switzerland with Olivier and Soraya Valleret and their students.

In Kobudo all the basic Hojo-undo for the Bo, Tunqua and Sai were learnt on the first day and then throughout the week Sensei studied various Kata, Shushi no Kon, Cho Un no Kon, Saku-gawa no Kon, Chikin no Kon with the Bo, Nichi Sai and Sanchi Sai with Sai and Dai Ichi Tunqua as well as Bunkai from various kata.

With the katana we focused on various Kata from Iaido and some Batto Jutsu as well as spending some time with Sensei explaining how to successfully do Tamashigiri. And for Aiki Jutsu we spent time looking at various techniques from the Chi Ryu syllabus including Locks, throws and Suwari Waza.

Sensei would like to thank both Shihan for his expertises, teaching and kind hospitality and also Sensei’s Olivier and Soraya and their students for helping make the week a thoroughly enjoyable and friendly one. For any students interesting in travelling with sensei for the next trip to Belgium please contact sensei.

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